One ping only

For some odd reason, today was the day when I woke up and continued working on libICMP. It’s now almost seven years since I first adopted Tim Lawless’ public domain version, and today I picked up where I left off and started refactoring and cleaning up. Example: #include "icmp/icmp.h" int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { char *host = "localhost"; struct libicmp *obj; if (argc >= 2) host = argv[1]; if (! [Read More]

Finit3: Almost there ...

Today the new logo for Finit3 was added to the GitHub repo and the homepage

Finit3 logo

Gorgeous, isn’t it?! 😎

This fancy artwork means we’re nearing the end of a long and agonizing release cycle where a lot of the internals of Finit have been rewritten and new exciting features have been added! More on this in an upcoming post 😃

Stray Puppies

Sometimes I just cannot help myself. It’s like finding a stray puppy, or abandonded kitten … … I recently decided to adopt mini-snmpd since the original upstream site had passed into the great beyond. At this point in my life almost everyone I know can tell you I have no warm fuzzy feels for SNMP, at all. So why did I even consider this to begin with?! Well, I have to confess that there are certain things that SNMP can be really useful for. [Read More]

Summer of Code 2015

Summer is now slowly fading away, and what a summer it has been here in Sweden! For someone who isn’t a fan of the summer heat it has been an awesome time for brain work, and in my case work on my open source projects! :-) Due to my not really taking much vacation previous years I had saved up for ten weeks (10) this year! It was really worth it, and for the first time in many years I actually feel rested. [Read More]

Threads vs Events

This is a rant about something I recently found to be a long standing battle line in the world of programming, Lau78. The event vs thread based approach to programming. As rants go I do not aspire to deliver a clear or logical message, what so ever. It’s basically just something I need to get off my chest.

It was not until 2007 I first learned about the event based approach to programming and event libraries like libevent and libev. Up until that point the silver bullet everyone was using was … Threads.

[Read More]

New Open Source Releases

Vacation time means catching up on my Open Source projects! :) Currently I’m shaping up the home pages and this blog to improve the easy access and overview of all the packages I maintain. The following packages have new releases, or can expect new releases soon: Minix Editline v1.14.1 SMCRoute v1.99.1 – There’s even a v2.0.0 being planned, with the core of SMCRoute available as a library mrouted minor cleanup an sync with OpenBSD pimd cleanups and bug fixes, needs testing inadyn is in dire need of a release, but needs more testing and fixes As usual, see my GitHub for the latest commits if you want to try anything out, file an issue report, or if you want to contribute. [Read More]

Finit v1.8

It’s been a long time coming, but here it finally is, Finit v1.8! The goodies we’ve been waiting for are: Runlevels Multiple TTYs One-shot tasks Let’s start off with tasks. Tasks are one-shot commands, with a syntax like service directives, but are not monitored and respawned like services. Tasks are started in parallel, just like services. For some cases, like the system bootstrap phase, some tasks may need to be executed in sequence, and for that purpose there also exists a run command. [Read More]

Editline First Post

For a while now I’ve been maintaining a port of the Minix editline library libedit. Mainly for my own purposes, or rather on behalf of Westermo WeOS, where it is used in the CLI. This library is the same as the Debian editline package, even though the origin of that package is somewhat unclear to me. Today I decided to adjust the package name and bump the version number to indicate that my port is the same, and now slightly more advanced, than the Debian version. [Read More]