Sometimes I just cannot help myself. It’s like finding a stray puppy, or abandonded kitten …

… I recently decided to adopt mini-snmpd since the original upstream site had passed into the great beyond. At this point in my life almost everyone I know can tell you I have no warm fuzzy feels for SNMP, at all. So why did I even consider this to begin with?!

Well, I have to confess that there are certain things that SNMP can be really useful for. Most of it is remote monitoring, and since I work with embedded systems a lot, SNMP can be quite a handy tool.

I first ran into mini-snmpd when I created TroglOS, by forking miniroot, and what struck me immediately was how small and simple it was. The code was also in reasonably good shape, so it had passed my initial quality control. Suddenly one day I could no longer download it when building TroglOS, so I had to do something!

My plans for mini-snmpd are quite humble. I’m currently cleaning it up a bit, adding configure script for all optional features, testing portability to FreeBSD and integrating (good) patches from various sources scattered around the web.

I will not add lots of new features, but as always I’m your humble patch monkey, so if you submit a pull reqeust at GitHub it’ll probably be merged and put into a release.