Welcome to this little blog, my name is Joachim Wiberg, formerly Nilsson. The nick troglobit is a tribute to my childhood friend Henrik Flordal, for being a good friend and inspiring me to become a hacker. It is also the first password to a Linux server (Henrik’s) I got a login to, back in 1995.

So yes, I’m a huge Linux and UNIX nerd. Ever since my first job, after graduating from MdU, I’ve been running Linux on almost all my machines, including those at work. In the beginning (2000) it was hard and even actively discouraged by management and IT departments, but I made it work and set the bar for others to follow!

Today I work a Addiva Elektronik in Västerås, Sweden, as a software architect and embedded systems consultant. My specialty is networking solutions and embedded Linux, preferably Buildroot. For very a long time I worked at Westermo R&D as a software architect for WeOS, a Linux-based network operating system for switches and routers.

In my spare time I write Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS). For example, I maintain Finit, Inadyn, pimd, mrouted, SMCRoute, sysklogd, uftpd, and more at GitHub.

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My GPG key fingerprint is 4A11 E139 3486 34EF 499C ECAC ECA8 26A3 7B6C 7409. Fetch it from a key server using:

gpg --recv-keys ECA826A37B6C7409

You can find my online resume here, or download the PDF.