My name is Joachim Nilsson and I’m a hacker. troglobit, is a tribute to my old friend Henrik Flordal for inspiring me to become a hacker, and is also the password to the first ever Linux server (Henrik’s) I got a login to, back in 1995.

I work at Westermo R&D as a software architect for WeOS, a Linux-based network operating system for switches and routers.

In my spare time I write Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS). For example, I maintain Finit, Inadyn, pimd, mrouted, SMCRoute, uftpd, and more at GitHub.

My GPG key fingerprint is DE09 3183 2DBF 8339 191F B2B2 2C2A B0A9 6E0C 4758. Fetch it from a key server using:

gpg --recv-keys 6E0C4758

You can find my online resume here, or download the PDF.