For a while now I’ve been maintaining a port of the Minix editline library libedit. Mainly for my own purposes, or rather on behalf of Westermo WeOS, where it is used in the CLI. This library is the same as the Debian editline package, even though the origin of that package is somewhat unclear to me.

Today I decided to adjust the package name and bump the version number to indicate that my port is the same, and now slightly more advanced, than the Debian version. To that end I’ve now changed the repository name and prepared for merging with Debian. Getting this work accepted back into Debian is a completely different issue.

Get the code as a Bazaar branch, or view its change log through the Loggerhead web interface:

I now intend to do some further integration work, adapting the debian/ directory from editline-1.12-5 and smoothing out any remaining issues before I release 1.13.0.