Summer is now slowly fading away, and what a summer it has been here in Sweden! For someone who isn’t a fan of the summer heat it has been an awesome time for brain work, and in my case work on my open source projects! :-)

Due to my not really taking much vacation previous years I had saved up for ten weeks (10) this year! It was really worth it, and for the first time in many years I actually feel rested.

So what’s new? Well, this summer I’ve released a major upgrade to pimd, which received PIM-SSM and full IGMPv3 support! Inadyn has seen two releases, one feature release with support for Windows and improved support for custom DDNS providers, and one bugfix release (today). My own FTP/TFTP server uftpd has also got a bit of an overhaul to improve both concurrency and improved support for various popular clients (Firefox and wget) – I released v1.9 of uftpd as a birthday present to myself! ;-)

I’ve done some other minor work as well, on the “new” netcalc, IPv6 and IPv4 subnet calculator, as well as watchdogd and finit. The latter two have however not seen any releases yet, but both have major v2.0 releases with lots of very interesting features that are going to be revealed soon!

For watchdogd several big improvements to system monitoring (loadavg, file descriptors, RAM) as well as a very advanced process monitoring (instrumentation) API is being added. Finit however is the crown in making, it is being converted to support multiple instances of services and to be fully event driven. I’m extremely excited about Finit!

Oh, and don’t worry … I did manage to get some actual real downtime on the beach as well! ;-)