“My name is Joachim and I’m a sudo su - user.”

Before you read any further, please read A life without sudo.

As an avid user of sudo, despite enjoying the wonders of capabilities, I appreciate all the extra bells and whistles it comes with. Here’s a couple of my favorites.

Remeber to edit /etc/sudoers with the proper command, which validates the input to prevent you from locking yourself out:

sudo visudo

1. Remember auth. in other terminal windows

When using sudo in one terminal and then moving to another, you have to type in your password again. To avoid that and reuse your “ticket”, add the following line after existing Defaults:

Defaults	!tty_tickets

2. Visual feedback in sudo prompt

I’m very clumsy with my fingers, in particular early in the morning, add pwfeedback to the line:

Defaults	env_reset

Like this:

Defaults	env_reset,pwfeedback

Now you can see a * for each character you input. Now you don’t have to Ctrl-U and retype everything.