About a year ago I wrote about a way to control the brightness on my x250. I found a lot of tools, and at the time I saw a lot of potential in light, which I even contributed to a lot.

However, I ended up not using the evolved versions myself, and it took me a while to digest why. I think the project just outgrew me and what I wanted in such a tool.

brightnessctl was another tool I had looked into, but I wanted something much simpler, so today I wrote my own 😄


To use it, download the latest release; then unpack, configure, build, and install. You may have to reboot for the udev rules to take effect.

Users of the Awesome WM can update their ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua to include the following:

    -- Brightness
    awful.key({ }, "XF86MonBrightnessUp", function () os.execute("backlight up") end,
              {description = "Increase brightness", group = "hotkeys"}),
    awful.key({ }, "XF86MonBrightnessDown", function () os.execute("backlight down") end,
              {description = "Decrease brightness", group = "hotkeys"}),

Reload Awesome and your brightness keys will now work as expected.