Last three months have been hectic, lots of exciting things going on at work, with my kids, and also with some of my pet projects.

Here’s quick update:

  • libite (-lite) saw a new minor release of this collection of useful APIs, v2.0.2
  • tinyroot is a new project. I started it mostly to serve as a very simple example of an embedded system, v2018_071
  • nemesis is the latest stray I’ve adopeted. It’s been updated to work with the latest libnet releases and seems to have been well received, v1.5
  • uftpd saw a major new release, with lots of new features added to support streaming video to the VLC Android app., v2.5
  • smcroute got a minor update ahead of a new upload to Debian, v2.4.1

If you’re interested in my work, any of my projects, just drop me an email or connect with me at GitHub!