Summer is almost upon us. The weather in Sweden has been amazing the last couple of weeks, sunny and warm. This has of course not prevented me from pursuing my favorite indoor activity; coding! This time around I’ve spent some time to resurrect the packet injection tool Nemesis.

Nemesis was seemingly abandonded by its original authors almost 15 years ago. There was talk on the mailing-list about porting to libdnet, as well as visions of a proper stand-alone CLI instead of the command line tool with options, but it seems none of these plans materialized. The last release, which was v1.4, does not build against libnet1, only libnet0.

However, I discovered through the mailiing list there was a CVS branch integrating the porting work of some Cisco engineers to libnet1.

I needed something simple for myself to generate IGMP packets, and since I’m fluent in C, I decided to give Nemesis a whirl. I finished the port in a few days and began fixing some obvious bugs and incorporating fixes from the mailing list and Debian.

I have set up a new home page and a GitHub project. I’m planning a new release, v1.5, before the summer. If you want to help out or are just curious to try it out, check out the ⇒ Home Page