Anyone who knows me knows I’m quite stubborn. Whenever I set my sights on something I finish it. The last couple of years I’ve been quite busy on GitHub, making at least one commit per day. I’ve had a lot of things I’ve wanted to do and complete, and this commit regimen has kept me on track to do just that.

However, nothing comes for free, and although I’ve achieved my goals, I’ve also had to make a lot of sacrifices. Ask my kids, or my ex-wife … So as a New Year’s resolution to myself I’ve begun a new journey which likely will significantly reduce the amount of Open Source work I do.

I still have a few software and hardware projects that I want to finish: v1.0 of TroglOS, the embedded devboard I’ve developed to showcase all my projects, the Macchiatobin board bring-up (using TroglOS and Alpine Linux), and some other bits and pieces. After that things will start to trickle down to a bare minimum to handle bug reports and do patch releases.

Over the next couple of weeks/months I will talk a bit more here on my blog about all the projects and what they can be used for.

Stay tuned! :-)