Looking for a Dynamic DNS, DDNS, client? Well you’re in luck, the FLOSS market space is flooded with dedicated clients and various wget scripts. So why bother with an old C implementation? Well, this is admittedly one of the old timers in the game and is likely packaged for your GNU/Linux distribution of choice already. It’s tried and tested with many DDNS service providers and even comes bundled in a few embedded router distributions as well.

Today I’ve released Inadyn v1.99.7 as an XZ compressed tarball. The release announcement should be up on free(code) now. It’s a small incremental release containing mainly code cleanup and a few new features that you likely won’t notice: support for multiple cache files and DDNS providers as separate plugins, for easy addition of new ones as well as maintenance of existing. This further separates the internal logic from the provider specific parts and also helps reduce clutter to ease maintenance.

This is a small incremental release building up to the long awaited v2.0, which will include the long-awaited HTTPS support and also a new .conf file format. The latter is not really welcomed with open arms by users, but is a necessary step since the current parser is heavily affected by bit rot and must be put down. I will attempt to make the transition as easy as possible, but you will need to change you .conf files.

Maybe a preview of the HTTPS support will make it into a release that still has the old .conf file format, but just maybe.