The last couple of weeks have both seen the birth of the fabulous uftpd and a reignited inadyn project! Yesterday v1.2 of uftpd was released and today Inadyn saw the first working HTTPS support being released as v1.99.8! This is likely the last release of Inadyn before the big 2.0, which will introduce the new .conf file format based on libConfuse. A .conf file feasibility study was presented earlier

The uftpd project is completely based on user input, currently mostly mine. I will add features and bug fixes when I need them, unless I get more input. So I welcome anyone to clone it on GitHub and hack away. As usual, I will accept any sane patches that adhere to the coding style and is well written. The same goes for Inadyn, only with the added request that the changes are thoroughly tested first, since I cannot maintain multiple accounts on various DDNS providers myself.

Patches to support flavors of UNIX other than GNU/Linux, including GNU/Hurd, or even other operating systems are also welcome, as long as it’s not Windows. I will not maintain any Windows support since I don’t use it myself. If you want Windows support you will have to take a very active co-maintainer role in the respective project.