OK, I admit it. I cannot decide what version control system (VCS) to use. I’m stuck between the speed and massive snow ball effect of Git and the ease of use and emotional attachment I have to Bazaar.

I’ve been “maintaining” bzrweb for a while now, not doing a very good job of it though. It’s lagging behind considerably to the bzr API. After the upgrade of vmlinux.org to the latest Ubuntu server release bzrweb actually didn’t work at all. If it hadn’t been for the fixes by Rasmus Toftdahl Olesen I would probably have abandoned it entirely. Thank you Rasmus! Anyway, I’ve been gleaning at other Bazaar web frontends for a while. The only real option is Loggerhead, but even though I consider myself a computer pro I just cannot seem to wrap my head around how to set it up. I just wanted to setup a local browser for my user, without the need for root access. Like bzrweb supports, after having abandoned that, seemingly radical idea, I tried setting up a site wide shared installation … no luck so far. :-/

In comparison to Loggerhead I easily managed to setup a Git repository browser, using a /pub/git structure, see git.vmlinux.org. The gitweb package in Ubuntu was very easy to setup, the one only thing I had problem with was the Apache VirtualHost setup. Some sleep cured that, but I should post the conf here, in case someone else experiences trouble.

I’ll have another go at setting up Loggerhead later, or perhaps try to fixup bzrweb. I’m currently leaning towards fixing up bzrweb. Fix bugs viewing tree files, refactor tarball export and a new project summary page, are some of the most interesting things I can come up with. If only things could settle down at work for a while — oh well, vacation is coming up. Soon, my precious, soon …

First, however, I will publish the micro vt100/ansi tetris version I found last week. It will be the second project where I use Git, the first one was cons, which is a Xen xm wrapper for non privileged users.

Some Git and Bazaar links: