How to recode AVI-files to be able to write them to a Video CD.

ffmpeg -i original.avi -target pal-vcd copy.mpg
vcdimager -t vcd1 -l "Title" -c vcd.cue -b vcd.bin copy.mpg
cdrdao write --device /dev/cdrw vcd.cue

Note: vcdimager is able to take multiple .mpg files as argument, very useful when burning multiple family videos to the same disc!

Tip from Johan Risberg on how to be able to reattach a UTF-8 Linux screen session from Cygwin. First, start irssi in a screen from a Linux login with LANG=LANG en_US.utf8. Then reattach to the screen, preferably using -xRR, with LANG=C from Cygwin.