Wow, I’m almost starting to feel like a Windows user. The latest CVS builds of GNU Emacs has a lot of new features:

  • XFT Support (font anti-aliasing)
  • Better GTK integration (desktop)
  • A font selector!

I use the CVS version now as my daily driver in Ubuntu 8.10. It’s really useful, and I love the improved support for debugging programs inside Emacs!

I think it is quite impressive how far this little editor has come. OK, so it is perhaps not just an editor anymore. Some people claim it is a fully sufficient operating system and other refer to it as a kitchen sink. Nevertheless, today you do not need to know any Lisp to configure it or grab the scroll bar with the middle mouse button or any other archaic method to get around.

Still interested? Be sure to take the tour and then proceed to explore the wonderful world of Emacs! :)