The end of my own “summer of code” is here. Seriously, this summer I took it upon myself to clean up my act and move whole heartedly to the Bazaar version control system for my private projects. Needless to say, I didn’t get far.

Being quite lazy I haven’t upgraded this server yet to the latest shiny Debian 4.0. This made it a bit hard to setup the new shiny Loggerhead web gui (see it in action here) for Bazaar — so instead I started fixing up the old bzrweb that I already had setup a few years ago.

I’m new to Python, but, as I said, I’m quite lazy and Python seemed to suit me perfectly. Whipping up Bzrweb to support the bzr 0.15 I had on my laptop (Ubuntu 7.04) was just enough to fiddle with in the warm summer evenings of my vacation. Now I find myself really enjoying Python. :-)

So I decided to try and take up maintainership of Bzrweb. I like it for its simplicity and small list of dependencies (only Python 2.4). Which is something I will honor and continue to evolve.

Oh well, here it is:

No GPG signing yet, I’ve yet to figure out how GPG works, again.

Bug reports can be sent to me directly, see my address in the tarball or online.