Converting from Bazaar to GIT

You need git, and bazaar obviously. Also install bzr-fastimport, it contains the export plugin as well. The rest is a rip off from Frank’s page. $ git init project.git $ cd project.git $ bzr fast-export --export-marks=.git/bzr.mark ~/project.bzr | git fast-import --export-marks=.git/git.mark That worked for me. The output will likely be something like this: 01:41:19 Calculating the revisions to include ... 01:41:19 Starting export of 33 revisions ... 01:41:20 Exported 33 revisions in 0:00:01 git-fast-import statistics: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Alloc'd objects: 5000 Total objects : 267 ( 0 duplicates ) blobs : 158 ( 0 duplicates 57 deltas) trees : 76 ( 0 duplicates 55 deltas) commits: 33 ( 0 duplicates 0 deltas) tags : 0 ( 0 duplicates 0 deltas) Total branches : 10 ( 1 loads ) marks : 1024 ( 33 unique ) atoms : 38 Memory total : 2344 KiB pools : 2110 KiB objects: 234 KiB --------------------------------------------------------------------- pack_report: getpagesize() = 4096 pack_report: core. [Read More]

HowTo use Git for Collaborative Development

This is mainly some notes for myself so I don’t forget. Having worked with GNU Bazaar before much of Git is still alien to me. This HowTo is divided into two parts: what happens on your laptop, and what you must do on a remote server where you publish your changes So, let’s start stimple: laptop> mkdir projectX; cd projectX laptop> git init laptop> emacs file1.txt laptop> git add file1. [Read More]

More about Bzrweb and some about Git

OK, I admit it. I cannot decide what version control system (VCS) to use. I’m stuck between the speed and massive snow ball effect of Git and the ease of use and emotional attachment I have to Bazaar. I’ve been “maintaining” bzrweb for a while now, not doing a very good job of it though. It’s lagging behind considerably to the bzr API. After the upgrade of to the latest Ubuntu server release bzrweb actually didn’t work at all. [Read More]

Bzrweb 0.1.2 Released

The end of my own “summer of code” is here. Seriously, this summer I took it upon myself to clean up my act and move whole heartedly to the Bazaar version control system for my private projects. Needless to say, I didn’t get far. Being quite lazy I haven’t upgraded this server yet to the latest shiny Debian 4.0. This made it a bit hard to setup the new shiny Loggerhead web gui (see it in action here) for Bazaar — so instead I started fixing up the old bzrweb that I already had setup a few years ago. [Read More]

Making bzrweb work again

During the past weekend and the last couple of evenings I’ve been studying the Python code in bzrweb — which I’ve been using for online repository browsing. It broke sometime last year due to not keeping up with the development of bzr. Yesterday I got it working again! Browse: Branch: bzr branch Having only programmed Python very little earlier I must say that it’s really easy to get in to. [Read More]