Welcome to Micro Snake, based on an original implementation by Simon Huggins. This version of the snake game is very small, utilizing only ANSI escape sequences to draw the board, no external library dependencys other than a standard C-library, like uClibc. Hence, it is very suitable for todays small embedded devices.

The aim of the game is to collect the gold ($), avoid cactuses (*), borders, and colliding with the snake itself. As you collect gold, the snake gets longer, thus increasing the likelihood of crashing into yourself. When you have collected all gold you are abruptly hauled to the next level. For each new level the snake gets longer and the amount of gold and cactuses increases.

You get scored according to the length of the snake and the number of cactuses on the screen. The speed increases every 5 levels.

You get a bonus of 1000 points when you complete each level.

There is no concept of lives. Once you hit an obstacle, that’s it, game over.

Issue tracker and GIT repository available at GitHub:

See also the Free(code) page.

a    Up,
z    Down,
o    Left
p    Right

f    Left turn
j    Right turn

q    Quit