The last six months at work have been really stressful, so to finally get a week off for Swedish Midsummer celebrations was really what the doctor ordered! I’ve managed to wind down and relax, spend time with my kids and my family, and even put in some time on my personal software projects!

Three years ago I forked thttpd and began merging patches I’d found scattered around the net. I’ve also added a few features of my own, and to avoid any confusion with the original (bug free!) project, I renamed the resulting monster Merecat and it has served and its subdomains since then. Test in production, yo!

Last year I added native support for HTTPS to Merecat, but it was still not possible to serve both HTTP and HTTPS from the same httpd process, so I began a slow refactor which I’ve now finalized! \o/

With a little help from Let’s Encrypt, I now have up and running, and the HTTP site is also running – soon with automatic redirect to the HTTPS site.

Vacation works, it really does.

thttpd is a web server made by Jef Poskanzer. Jef is one of my big heroes, not only a great coder and over all nice guy, he’s also a great photographer! Follow his adventures on Twitter