This is a HowTo for setting up ikiwiki with Merecat httpd.

First install ikiwiki

$ sudo apt install ikiwiki libcgi-session-perl libcgi-formbuilder-perl

Follow the steps to setup a new Wiki or Blog. In this example we set up a wiki in our ~/public_html:

$ ikiwiki --setup /etc/ikiwiki/auto.setup
Successfully set up wiki:
url:         http://localhost/~jocke/wiki
srcdir:      ~/wiki
destdir:     ~/public_html/wiki
repository:  ~/wiki.git

To modify settings, edit ~/home.setup and then run:

$ ikiwiki --setup ~/home.setup

By default Merecat has per-user ~/public_html support disabled, this is for safety purposes. To build from source, here from GIT, use:

git clone
./configure --enable-public-html
sudo make install

Now, to start playing with Ikiwiki, simply start the httpd as your user on a non-priviliged port:

$ merecat -n -p 8080

… and open http://localhost:8080/~jocke/wiki/ in your browser 😃

NOTE: Although Merecat httpd is a fork of thttpd. Compared to its forefather Mercat is fully capable of running ikiwiki without any patches. Problems with port not being included in HTTP_HOST or missing trailing slash in PATH_INFO, have all been fixed.