HowTo use NetBSD pre-built packages

Reminder to self: you need to set up the PKG_PATH to the correct FTP URI. Also, use the correct ARCH, otherwise the installer complains. Do not use amd64, but rather x86_64.

Here it is, you’d think this be something the installer could set up a default for …


The simply

pkg_add -v git

Or so you might think! As this blog points out, you also need to install some root certificates to get HTTPS/SSL working. sigh

pkg_add -v openssl
pkg_add -v mozilla-rootcerts

Followed by

touch /etc/openssl/openssl.cnf
cd /etc/openssl/certs
mozilla-rootcerts extract
mozilla-rootcerts rehash

Then you can clone your GitHub repo and start working …

git clone

On FreeBSD it’s a lot simpler, type pkg dasdastradf and the OS asks you nicely if you want to install the pkgsrc system? Reply and then simply do pkg add git.