BSD syslogd in Linux
Basic CGI in C with Merecat httpd
Controlling Display Brightness
XScreenSaver Fonts
HowTo: Set up Merecat with Let's Encrypt certificate
Minor Miracles
FLOSS Progress
Odd Progress


Dark Themes Ahead
Display Brightness in Awesome on ThinkPad X250
Open Source Releases
cgit with merecat httpd
Slow Down
Multicast routing with PIM-SM over GRE


Useful UNIX API:s
Set up a Debian/Ubuntu APT Repository
Threads vs Event Loop, Again ...
Packaging Software with Docker
Install X-Window in Alpine Linux
Boot Alpine Linux with GRUB
GIT, Autoconf and Automake in OpenBSD
HTTPS proxy for Merecat httpd
Running ikiwiki in Merecat httpd
Emulate an actual MTD device in Qemu
Wolfenstein-3D on RetroPie
Trust Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter in Linux


A life without sudo
One ping only
Merecat - another stray kitten?
New Toolchains
ARM Toolchain r1
Finit3: Almost there ...
The General Idea
Live KVM migration with virt-manager
Fake RAID Adventures
Upgrade X1 Carbon BIOS from Linux
Redirecting Ports For Fun and Profit
Using netcat to test your Internet daemon
The key to successful boot
Lecture from the UNIX beards
Disaster Recovery
Testing multicast with Docker
Multicast testing, made easy!


En vanlig dag på jobbet (SWEDISH)
Awesome: Changing Next/Prev Tune in Spotify
Stray Puppies
Summer of Code 2015
HowTo: Using -lite with a GIT-based application
HowTo: Push to multiple GIT repos with one command
HowTo: Apache with Gitweb on Debian 8.1
Inetd Support in Finit v1.12
Finit v1.11 released!
Rant: All the C Compiler Warnings ...
Recent Open Source Work
Blog Restoration Project


mrouted v3.9.7
pimd v2.2.0 -- The last release of pimd?
TFTP blocksize negotiation in uftpd v1.7
HowTo: Add Multicast Routing to FreeBSD kernel
GnuTLS support in Inadyn and fixes to uftpd
Bugfix release of uftpd
The awesome uftpd, now w/ TFTP support! :)
HowTo Rebase without an origin
On the demise of free(code) ...
New releases of uftpd and inadyn ...
New release of the DDNS client Inadyn
Why write your own FTP server?
Release of Finit v1.9
Finally — Google Movies & Music in Sweden
Weekend Hack: JSON vs CONF


Just a Programmer
On commit messages ...
On the Linearity of Time
Threads vs Events
New Open Source Releases
Net Install CentOS
File System Pass-Through in KVM/Qemu/libvirt
Programming as an Artform
Finit v1.8
Proof of Life


Announcing pimd v2.1.7
Announcing pimd v2.1.6


Use Ubuntu to Serve iTunes
Announcing mrouted v3.9.3
Announcing pimd v2.1.3
Finally, NetBSD Boots in KVM!
Minix editline v1.14.0
Micro Tetris™ v1.2.0
Minix editline moves to GIT
Git Quickie
Converting from Bazaar to GIT
Syntax highlighting in less
HowTo: Move window buttons back to the right
Best. Programming. Font. Ever.


Oona 6 years old!
Editline First Post
HowTo use Git for Collaborative Development
Micro Tetris™
More about Bzrweb and some about Git
Howto Setup and Run Xen
Learning About GIT
Brief libev update
The Marvellous libev
Why I Like C
Link Collection 2009-02-28
Reminder to Self
Netork Programming -- Link Collection
Minix editline v0.3.0


The joy of colors
Minix editline v0.2.2
Ubuntu 8.10rc1 — NetworkManager WTF?!
Cross Compiler Foo
Moving to ISC
Link Collection w31 2008
HowTo: Build GNU Emacs from CVS
More Emacs Progress!
No Wireless LED on ThinkPad T61
Suddenly Compiz is not Working Anymore ...
Missing Sound in Firefox?
Regexp replace in many files
Minix editline v0.2.1
Minix editline v0.1.4
Minix editline v0.1.1
Minix editline v0.1.0
Enterprise Emacs
Suspend/Resume Nightmare in Ubuntu


Bzrweb 0.1.2 Released
Netapplet Patchwork
Making bzrweb work again
Buggy Gnome Main Menu
VMWare Kernel Modules for Your New Kernel
HowTo: Building Debian/Ubuntu Kernels


Top Ten UNIX Shell Commands
Aaaah, the fish got a facelift! :)
Test posting using blosxom
Atari ST(E) Emulation with Steem
Bromsbyte Passat
make-kpkg and dirty modules
Quick Note
Swedish National Day: Deep thoughts ...
Laptop Network Configuration in Debian/Ubuntu
No news are good news?