First GCC 6.1 based ARM (32-bit) toolchain released on my FTP. Built using crosstool-NG for Ubuntu 16.04 (x86_64) with GLIBC 2.23.

Download, unpack into /usr/local, and add to your $PATH

export PATH=/usr/local/arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-6.1.0-1/bin:$PATH

There’s lots of neat stuff included, both a sysroot and a debug-root with GDB and gdbserver for target. For details on using it, see the excellent docs.

The main purpose for my building this is TroglOS, but it is useful for other purposes as well of course. To rebuild it on your system, see the included crosstool.config file and the encoded GIT hash.

Next up is a PowerPC (32-bit) and x86 (64-bit) toolchain, also with GLIBC 2.23. Then I may venture into the realm of musl libc based toolchains, possibly the guise of CobbleOS