Update 2015-03-09: This release has unfortunately been yanked due to serious regressions in launching background processes. It has been replaced by v1.12

I’m very pleased to announce Finit v1.11 — this is the episode where two of my projects finally get married! ツ


  • Now using the asynchronous libuEv library for handling all events: signals, timers and listening to sockets or file descriptors.
  • Rename NEWS.md –> CHANGELOG.md, with symlinks for make install
  • Attempt to align with http://keepachangelog.com for the ChangeLog
  • Travis CI now only invokes Coverity Scan from the ‘dev’ branch. This means that all development, except documentation updates, must go into that branch.


  • Fix bug with finit dying when no tty is defined in finit.conf, now even the fallback shell has control over its TTY, see fix in GIT commit dea3ae8 for this.