I’m a coder, not a writer. Here’s what I’ve been working on during the winter holidays:

  • A new feature release of Finit is coming shortly, which will use libuEv and feature inetd support built-in!

  • Another minor release of my own take on event loops, libuEv v1.0.3. This time with a heavy focus on documentation and Q&A, extensive validation testing have been done on this release.

  • Released another minor release of mrouted, v3.9.7, which despite its age, and all other obvious limitations of DVMRP, is still one of the best options for dynamic multicast routing available today.

  • Major new release of pimd, v2.2.0, which is likely the last release ever of the old pimd, unless someone starts paying me to work on it.

    … or more people step up to help. Both the Xorp PIM-SM and the upcoming Quagga PIM-SSM implementations are in better shape. The only thing old pimd has got going for it is the license. It’s 3-clause BSD, so very liberal.

If you’re interested in pitching in, on any of my projects, just send me an email or connect with me on GitHub!