Another release today is the venerable mrouted, now available as v3.9.7 on GitHub.

Changes & New Features

  • SNMP Support removed. It never compiled and would have likely needed a complete refactor to support modern AgentX.
  • Replaced static with configure script from pimd
  • RSRR Support now disabled by default, use --enable-rsrr to configure script to re-enable
  • Possible to start with mrouted disabled on all interfaces by default. Use enable to .conf phyint directive and -M/-N command line options to control behavior, default is same as before. Thanks to Joseph Gooch (@goochjj) for this feature!
  • Add David Waitzman and Craig Partridge to list of original authors of mrouted, after being by Mr Waitzman :)
  • Change to use stdint.h types instead of unsafe homegrown types

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with older BSD kernels, mainly for current FreeBSD 10 and older, that don’t really give RAW sockets but byte swap ip_len field, Olivier Cochard-Labbé (@ocochard)
  • Build fixes for FreeBSD, should make maintaining ports easier :)
  • Change from select() to poll() due to descriptor limits, e.g., on BSD.
  • UNIX 2038 first audit, inspired by OpenBSD. Cleanup type confusion int/u_long where it should be time_t. Also, clarify that genid is OK, since it’s used and stored as unsigned 32-bit integer.
  • Lots of minor fixes detected by Coverity Scan and Clang scan-build