OK, so you’ve just been handed the task to integrate a big piece of corporate software and it’s nowhere near as done and ready as project management thinks. Of course you’ve already started chugging away at it, fixing bugs, refactoring code and wrapping it in neat containers to keep the changeset against the base SW small – you already know you’ll get another drop of the same stinking pieace of code in another six months, so you keep the changes small and track them in GIT with neatly formatted commit messages.

About ten commits in it dawns on you that you have several commits that would need to be squashed and some commit messages that needs to be edited … you start typing in git rebase -i origin/... wait, you haven’t pushed anything yet. So how do you rebase something that’s not been pushed yet?


git rebase --interactive --root master

Tip courtesy of my friend and collegue wkz