I usually run Debian or Ubuntu on my machines. However, having recently found some time to work on my various projects again, I’ve now suddenly found myself in need of a CentOS machine.

The CentOS home page invited me to download an installation ISO, so I went for the small Net Install which started perfectly with my virt-manager in Ubuntu.

All I had to provide was an FTP server and directory:

  • mirrors.kernel.org
  • /centos/5.9/os/x86_64
  • Anonymous FTP

That’s it, the graphical installer started and I had to start selecting various packages. Must say it’s a bit confusing since the package naming is not the same in RedHat/CentOS as in Debian.

Oh, and if the installations seems to have gotten stuck, just wait it out. It’ll get there :)

Read the following to get console in virsh working with CentOS guest.