Quite some time has passed now since our old site, http://vmlinux.org, crashed and burned, and with it much of my previous Open Source work and blogs. Tech blog entries, archives for the projects I maintain, lost.

Backups? Of course not.

This all happened in 2011. Since then we also managed to lose the domain and I kind of lost myself for a while, including my motivation.

Fortunately, at this point in time I had migrated most of my projects from CVS and Subversion to DVCS’ like Bzr and GIT, so I could easily setup new homes for most of my Open Source projects at GitHub.

Recently however GitHub stopped serving downloads, so even though I can continue using it for version control, I had to find a new way of serving generated tarballs and the like. See my FTP for project downloads.

I had also started missing blogging for some reason. So it started to make sense to roll something on my own again. Well, here’s me starting over.

See you soon with more posts about open source projects, releases of projects I maintain, Emacs tips, and ramblings about techie stuff I like! :-)