OK, so we finally got an iPad. The effective marketing droids of Apple are doing a good job, even the Linux zealots are starting to use their products :-)

So, how to serve the immense music collection of our family to the iPad? Well, it seems the magic integration with iTunes is not enough (yet), so you need a Simple Daap Client app on your iPad to get the most out of this HowTo. I hope DAAP sharing for iPad will be added soon, that would be really cool!

I used the Firefly Media Server, which in Debian/Ubuntu is known as mt-daapd. It needs som minor setting up to play nice with the Avahi multicast DNS (mDNS) services that we will use to let iTunes discover our new service.

First go ahead and install mt-daapd

sudo apt-get install mt-daapd

Then make sure to edit the file /etc/default/mt-daapd file, it usually does not exist in the default setup, so create it and add the following contents to disable the built-in mDNS server:

# -m Disables the built-in mDNS server, useful if you already run Avahi

The default configuration of must be updated with the location of your music library. On my system it is /pub/Music, so I edit the file /etc/mt-daapd.conf and change:

# Location of the mp3 files to share.  Note that because the
# files are stored in the database by inode, these must be
# in the same physical filesystem.
mp3_dir = /pub/Music

If you like, you can change the admin_pw (mt-daapd) and default port to something other than the defaults. After changing the settings you need to restart the service:

sudo service mt-daapd restart

Now enter localhost:3689 in your browser window, leave the username field empty and set password to mt-daapd. Unless you changed any of the defaults above.

Time for multicast! The Avahi service on GNU/Linux systems is what Bonjour/Rendez-Vous is to Apple systems. It provides seamless interaction between clients and servers on a LAN. My HP printer, for instance, pops up automatically in Windows, OS X and Linux these days because these operating systems listen in on network mDNS servers that broadcast (or rather multicast) available services. Very neat.

However, as usual there are a few snags you might need to work around to get everything to work. Thanks to my ISP (Telia, Sweden), I need to tell Avahi the following nasty things in /etc/default/avahi-daemon

# 1 = Try to detect unicast dns servers that serve .local and disable avahi in
# that case, 0 = Don't try to detect .local unicast dns servers, can cause
# troubles on misconfigured networks

And also edit the file /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf, the following is not the entire contents of the file, only the sections I’ve changed:

# Comment out any current/previous work arounds


Also, in the directory /etc/avahi/services/ we need to add an entry for DAAP. Create the file /etc/avahi/services/daap.service:

<!DOCTYPE service-group SYSTEM "avahi-service.dtd">
<!-- iTunes DAAP, music streaming, for mt-daapd or Firefly Media Server
     See avahi.service(5) for more information about this configuration file -->

    <name replace-wildcards="yes">%h</name>

        <txt-record>iTSh Version=131073</txt-record>


Now, restart avahi and see your music server pop up automatically as a Share in iTunes:

sudo service avahi-daemon restart

Good Luck!