It is with great pleasure I announce the next release of the editline library by Simmule Turner and Rich Salz! This is a popular library, it exists in several forked versions. This release marks the end of a huge effort where archaeological methods have been applied to recover fixes and improvements developed independently over several decades by the following projects: Heimdal, Festival speech-tools, Debian, as well as patches by Mr. Steve Tell.

Noteworthy changes and additions:

  • The symbols rl_complete() and rl_list_possib() are no longer possible to overload as function pointers. Instead the FSF libreadline rl_set_complete_func() and rl_set_list_possib_func() API has been added for implementing custom completion handlers.
  • 8-bit handling now work correctly on non-UTF8 terminals, including meta characters and key bindings. This is actually a revert of an old broken Debian patch.
  • The functions el_bind_key() and el_bind_key_in_metamap() have been added thanks to the efforts of Festival speech-tools hacker Mr. Alan W. Black.
  • Support for capitalizing words (M-c), also from Mr. Alan W Black.
  • Improved FSF libreadline compatibility and signal safety fixes by Mr. Steve Tell.
  • The HUGE code cleanups are mostly courtesy of the Heimdal Project.
  • Several more APIs for increased compatibility with FSF libreadline have also been added. See the file include/editline.h for details.

Online GIT repository and release tarball available at the usual places:

Report bugs using the GitHub issue tracker. See also the Freshmeat page for a more consistent updates.