This is a document I intend to maintain for my own purposes. It serves as a quick reminder for the steps needed when creating and working with git repositories.

First setup a bare repository on the server.

$ git --bare init projectX.git
Initialized empty Git repository in /pub/git/projectX.git/

Set one-liner description, visible in gitweb.

$ echo "Secret project, use ROT13 to decode source code" >projectX.git/description

Set up a post-update hook so that the server repo is update automatically when you push to it.

$ cp ~/public_html/programming/post-update projectX.git/hooks/

Change how the “Owner” field in gitweb is displayed to include an obfuscated email address.

$ vi projectX.git/config
    owner = "Joachim Nilsson <troglobit()vmlinux!org>"

These steps have become so common to me that I’ve setup a script to create server side git repositories. You can now push to the server, after having setup remote location on the client.

$ git remote add origin ssh://
$ git push origin master
$ git push --tags