HowTo play with SNMP

This mini HowTo describes how to use the SNMP client tools to retrieve human readable information from devices running an SNMP daemon. In the examples below mini-snmpd is used as the daemon and as client both the command line net-snmp tool and the snmpB GUI are used. Personally I use both Ubuntu and Debian, so the tools I use to download the clients will reflect that. See your respective UNIX distro’s help pages for how to install these client tools in your operating system. [Read More]

Set up a Debian/Ubuntu APT Repository

How to set up a Debian/Ubuntu APT repository with GPG signing.

At first I tried to use Bas Wijnen’s mini-dinstall howto, but never managed to get it working. Probably due to problems with GPG. Then I went down the tried and true path of using reprepro.

I’ve tried to document my steps here, but I’ve very likely missed a few steps that a beginner admin may run into. YMMV B-)

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Use Ubuntu to Serve iTunes

OK, so we finally got an iPad. The effective marketing droids of Apple are doing a good job, even the Linux zealots are starting to use their products :-) So, how to serve the immense music collection of our family to the iPad? Well, it seems the magic integration with iTunes is not enough (yet), so you need a Simple Daap Client app on your iPad to get the most out of this HowTo. [Read More]

HowTo: Move window buttons back to the right

When you’ve installed Ubuntu 10.04 you might want to have the window controls back to the right side, where you’re used to having them. Use the following simple command:

gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"

Ubuntu 8.10rc1 — NetworkManager WTF?!

I tried upgrading from Hardy Heron to Intrepid Ibex this weekend. Big mistake. If I disregard the total dpkg meltdown that I, as usually, had to resolve manually there still remains this recurring madness called Network Manager. I’m an engineer. I have a masters degree in computer engineering. I have worked professionally with GNU/Linux since 2000 and been a die hard user of it since I left OS/2 behind in 1996. [Read More]

Suddenly Compiz is not Working Anymore ...

So weird. I usually rearrange my desktop every two weeks, often when I am bored. Sometimes I want a quick lean, smallish desktop and other times I want the whole shebang, all possible animations, SVG icons, mouse gestures — you name it and I will already have tons of it! Today I wanted to enable Compiz again and it just wouldn’t start. After a couple of tries that turned out to be dead ends I finally got this: [Read More]

Missing Sound in Firefox?

In Ubuntu 8.04 I recently discovered that you need to install the libflashsupport package if you get no sound in Firefox while running flash application/video. Oddly enough this is not a “required” or “supported” package in Ubuntu proper.

Suspend/Resume Nightmare in Ubuntu

I’ve had my ThinkPad T43 for a while now and I’m really pleased with it, everything just works! It took some pleading and, I admit, begging to persuade my boss and the IT department to buy it since they usually only buy from Dell or HP. This was mainly due to care packs and payment plans that these suppliers offer companies. My ThinkPad they had to actually pay for straight up. [Read More]

Netapplet Patchwork

I think I’ve finally done it — achieved my ultimate goal of combining the awesome powers of the Debian /etc/network/interfaces file with guessnet, wpa_supplicant, ifplugd and now also with netapplet! I’ve been looking for a way to just point-and-click to select a different access point, both at home and at work. To that end I have a pretty advanced interfaces file that automatically detects where I am, what I am connected with (cable/wireless) and then, like magic, sets it all up. [Read More]

HowTo: Building Debian/Ubuntu Kernels

I have been over this topic so many times now, strangely enough I’ve managed to make things more complicated than they need to be. It’s really this simple: $ wget $ tar xfj linux- $ cd linux- $ zcat /proc/config.gz >.config $ make menuconfig [Tweak to your hearts desire] $ fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd kernel_image $ dpkg -i ../linux-image- [DONE!] You may, of course, need to tweak the file /etc/kernel-pkg. [Read More]