HowTo use Git for Collaborative Development

This is mainly some notes for myself so I don’t forget. Having worked with GNU Bazaar before much of Git is still alien to me. This HowTo is divided into two parts: what happens on your laptop, and what you must do on a remote server where you publish your changes So, let’s start stimple: laptop> mkdir projectX; cd projectX laptop> git init laptop> emacs file1.txt laptop> git add file1. [Read More]

More about Bzrweb and some about Git

OK, I admit it. I cannot decide what version control system (VCS) to use. I’m stuck between the speed and massive snow ball effect of Git and the ease of use and emotional attachment I have to Bazaar. I’ve been “maintaining” bzrweb for a while now, not doing a very good job of it though. It’s lagging behind considerably to the bzr API. After the upgrade of to the latest Ubuntu server release bzrweb actually didn’t work at all. [Read More]