Net Install CentOS

I usually run Debian or Ubuntu on my machines. However, having recently found some time to work on my various projects again, I’ve now suddenly found myself in need of a CentOS machine. The CentOS home page invited me to download an installation ISO, so I went for the small Net Install which started perfectly with my virt-manager in Ubuntu. All I had to provide was an FTP server and directory: [Read More]

File System Pass-Through in KVM/Qemu/libvirt

This post doesn’t cover fully setting up KVM/Qemu with virt-manager and creating virtual machine guests. See the Ubuntu KVM Installtion, VirtManager Guide, the Ubuntu Server Guide on libvirt, or HowtoForge for that.

Instead this blog post details the most relevant steps to get file system pass-through between a Linux host and Qemu guest working. The upstream Qemu docs provide a good starting point, as is the original IBM paper on VirtFS. For users of Ubuntu <= 13.04, watch out for the libvirt bug that I know many people run into, myself included.

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