Multicast HowTo

Introduction This HowTo attempts to give some insight into the basics of setting up multicast routing. Both static multicast routing, with SMCRoute, and dynamic multicast routing, with mrouted and pimd. For some use-cases, in particular link-local multicast, it may not be possible to use multicast routing, then I recommend trying out: Bridging networks, see bridge(8) or Linux bridge - how it works igmproxy, mcproxy, or OpenVPN in Layer-2, bridged mode Make sure to check out the FAQ for the most common problems. [Read More]

HowTo run pimd on FreeBSD

This is not a proper HowTo, more of a “note to self” after having created a setup to test pimd issue #57. For these notes the following virtual topology, running on Ubuntu 15.10 with Linux 4.2 and Qemu 2.3.0, is used: .--------. net1 .----. net2 .----. net3 .----------. | Sender |------| R2 |------| R3 |------| Receiver | '--------' '----' '----' '----------' The networks between the boxes are actually Linux bridge devices (br), on which you may have to disable IGMP/MLD snooping to get pimd to run smoothly. [Read More]

HowTo run pimd on OpenBSD

This is an introduction to HowTo run pimd on OpenBSD. I keep it around mostly as a reminder to myself when testing new pimd releases, maybe someone else can make use of it as well. First of all, my sincere thanks to the OpenBSD team for, not just an awesome UNIX distribution, but also for their good taste in shipping a MULTICAST enabled kernel in the base distribution! On both NetBSD and FreeBSD there is a bit of work to get multicast support, which is one of the reasons for my not writing a HowTo for either of them atm. [Read More]

New Open Source Releases

Vacation time means catching up on my Open Source projects! :) Currently I’m shaping up the home pages and this blog to improve the easy access and overview of all the packages I maintain. The following packages have new releases, or can expect new releases soon: Minix Editline v1.14.1 SMCRoute v1.99.1 – There’s even a v2.0.0 being planned, with the core of SMCRoute available as a library mrouted minor cleanup an sync with OpenBSD pimd cleanups and bug fixes, needs testing inadyn is in dire need of a release, but needs more testing and fixes As usual, see my GitHub for the latest commits if you want to try anything out, file an issue report, or if you want to contribute. [Read More]