GIT, Autoconf and Automake in OpenBSD

Reminder to self:

echo "" >/etc/installurl
pkg_add git autoconf automake libtool

Select the latest versions, then add the following to ~/.profile:


With your selected versions, of course.

HowTo run pimd on OpenBSD

This is an introduction to HowTo run pimd on OpenBSD. I keep it around mostly as a reminder to myself when testing new pimd releases, maybe someone else can make use of it as well. First of all, my sincere thanks to the OpenBSD team for, not just an awesome UNIX distribution, but also for their good taste in shipping a MULTICAST enabled kernel in the base distribution! On both NetBSD and FreeBSD there is a bit of work to get multicast support, which is one of the reasons for my not writing a HowTo for either of them atm. [Read More]