Announcing pimd v2.1.7

This is a followup release to the security fix in pimd, v2.1.6. The change to use /var/lib/misc/, instead of the insecure /var/tmp/, has now been refactored into using the proper FHS recommended /var/run/pimd/ instead.

As always, check the homepage, the ChangeLog and the GIT log for more details.

Announcing mrouted v3.9.3

Here is another bug-fix release of mrouted. This time with a couple of really nasty bugs fixed. A big thanks to Dan Kruchinin for tracking down a NULL pointer dereference in the conf file parser and an overzealous check of netmask that made mrouted useless over tunnel interfaces or point-to-point links (OpenVPN, PPP, L2TP and PPTP). See the ChangeLog or the GIT log for details.

Announcing pimd v2.1.3

I’m very pleased to present the next bug-fix release of pimd, v2.1.3. The real announcement for v2.1.2 I never really got around to write because the diligent Debian maintainer, Antonin Kral alerted me to some problems. Which is great! I do not have the resources to test the build on all those platforms. I sure appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you Antonin! As always, check the homepage, the changelog and the GIT log for details. [Read More]