Threads vs Event Loop, Again ...

I still get asked this, from time to time. Maybe it’s because I only use event loops, maybe it’s because I’ve written libuEv, or maybe people still don’t understand:

Why an event loop, why not use threads?

So here’s my response, once more.

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Brief libev update

I have now updated the libev examples. It took me a while, but during that time I have been hard at work converting two of our network daemons to use libev. As of today the upcoming Westermo WeOS uses libev in both its rstpd and igmpd implementations. Updated example code: timer test message queue test Enjoy, and feel free to [contact me][6] if you have any questions or comments on the code. [Read More]

The Marvellous libev

A very good friend mine recently told me about a neat event library, libev. Usually when he drops me links like that it takes me a couple of years to react and finally adopt. This time it only took me about a month. He has actually showed me lots of very useful stuff throughout the years, and even though we used GNU/Linux at university, he was one those hard core people who showed me the path into a successful full-time career as a Linux developer. [Read More]