Buggy Gnome Main Menu

I’ve been living with the new Gnome Main Menu for a while now. Like many others I run Ubuntu these days and I’ve found the version in Feisty Fawn to be extremely slow and buggy. I tried manually installing (dpkg -i) the latest version in Gutsy, but it had too many dependencies. So I decided to try and backport it, and it worked! I haven’t set up any repository, so just download the below two . [Read More]

Aaaah, the fish got a facelift! :)

This is just great! Wanda the fortune telling fish of the Gnome desktop got herself a face lift. Take a look at this:

Add her new look to your applet by copying the file to /usr/share/gnome/panel/pixmaps/. Select it in the applet preferences and use 8 frames and 0.3 seconds per frame.