Disaster Recovery

Days like these inconspicuously start out just like any other day, except on days like these you accidentally manage to erase $HOME and have no real backup to rely on … Maundy Thursday will forever be Black Thursday for me, from now on.

Best thing your can do, after cursing at yourself constantly for a couple of hours, is to:

  1. Come up with a useful backup and restore strategy
  2. Read up on undeletion tools for Ext4
  3. Blog about it, naturally

BUT FIRST – QUICK – UNMOUNT OR POWER-OFF YOUR COMPUTER – PULL OUT THE BATTERY – AND STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER! Must protect the partition from being accidentally written to – I completely fumbled this step, so take heed young people!

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Blog Restoration Project

I’ve had this long-standing issue with backups. It’s deadly boring to set up and maintain, so I don’t do any. Until today!

Today I moved the sources for my Octopress blag to GitHub, which also prompted me to set up a mirror on GitHub Pages. As usual, reading up on the subject and muster enough motivation took me about three months, whereas the actual work took about 4h.

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