“Elegance is not a dispensable luxury” — Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

Rant: All the C Compiler Warnings …

“Enable all the warnings!”

This is one of the truths you learn when you start working with C. Most of the time adding CPPFLAGS="-W -Wall -Werror" is all you need to find all the nasty bugs. And if that’s not enough, there are tons of tools for static code analysis, like scan-build in Clang, and Coverity Scan, to help you find all the bugs!

However, these pesky warnings (some of which cannot even be disabled!) are sometimes more of a nuisance than help. Sometimes you know that some parameters to a function will remain unused – it’s a callback, and you don’t need all the data given to you. So you start adding all kinds of voodoo, like __attribite__ ((unused)) … seriously?

Recent Open Source Work

I’m a coder, not a writer. Here’s what I’ve been working on during the winter holidays:

  • A new feature release of Finit is coming shortly, which will use libuEv and feature inetd support built-in!
  • Another minor release of my own take on event loops, libuEv v1.0.3. This time with a heavy focus on documentation and Q&A, extensive validation testing have been done on this release.
  • Released another minor release of mrouted, v3.9.7, which despite its age, and all other obvious limitations of DVMRP, is still one of the best options for dynamic multicast routing available today.
  • Major new release of pimd, v2.2.0, which is likely the last release ever of the old pimd, unless someone starts paying me to work on it.

    … or more people step up to help. Both the Xorp PIM-SM and the upcoming Quagga PIM-SSM implementations are in better shape. The only thing old pimd has got going for it is the license. It’s 3-clause BSD, so very liberal.

If you’re interested in pitching in, on any of my projects, just send me an email or connect with me on GitHub!

Blog Restoration Project

I’ve had this long-standing issue with backups. It’s deadly boring to set up and maintain, so I don’t do any. Until today!

Today I moved the sources for my Octopress blag to GitHub, which also prompted me to set up a mirror on GitHub Pages. As usual, reading up on the subject and muster enough motivation took me about three months, whereas the actual work took about 4h.

Pimd v2.2.0 – the Last Release of Pimd?

On one of the last days of 2014 I release pimd v2.2.0, which is an awesome release with a lot of new features and bug fixes!

However, it could very well be the last release I do. Even though its one of my most popular projects on GitHub I have not had enough time to dedicate to it over the years. I will continue to do fixes and merge pull requests until someone else steps up to take over. There is also the distinct possibility that the Xorp PIM-SM or the new Quagga PIM-SSM implementations will (finally) make good old pimd completely redundant.

At work we will likely start using the Quagga PIM rather than pimd in WeOS.

For now though, enjoy pimd v2.2.0. It’s been tested in both my Qemu based virtual testbed and a few setups using Linux’ netns feature in CORE – awesome little proggy! :-)

HowTo Add Multicast Routing Support to the FreeBSD Kernel

This is a very short blog post, mostly intended as a reminder to myself. Assumes the src.txz was installed previously. Here goes:

cd /usr/src
cd sys/amd64/conf
echo 'options   MROUTING         # Multicast routing' >> MULTICAST
cd -

That’s it. Remember to make sure your Qemu VM has enough RAM or it will probably page fault on you. I use 1,0 GB RAM.

GnuTLS Support in Inadyn and Fixes to Uftpd

Quite a few changes lately. I finally got around to adding support for GnuTLS to Inadyn, hopefully this will get into Debian … unless the Jessie freeze prevents that.

Also, thanks to a friend of mine trying out uftpd recently I discovered that libuev has been missing from the tarball since the release of the TFTP support. Fixed.

Another great piece of news is that Coverity accepted uftpd as an Open Source project, I’ve been hard at work fixing nasty bugs uncovered by the Coverity Scan. Great stuff! :)

Bugfix Release of Uftpd

So them pesky details of `/etc/inetd.conf` really are important?

This is a small bugfix release of uftpd. Version 1.4 is basically just to change nowait to wait for the TFTP service in /etc/inetd.conf, but there’s also a minor man page update.

Enjoy! :)