Finally, NetBSD Boots in KVM!

Compared to OpenBSD and FreeBSD the NetBSD install was hard, really hard. It wasn’t until I stumbled across this that I managed to convince myself to try it again. The trick seems to be to ignore as much as you can from other Internet tips. NetBSD runs fine in KVM, so if someone says you need to run it in Qemu mode — don’t believe the hype. OK, in virt-manager there is no preset defaults for NetBSD, so I went with a generic OS and tried starting the install from there. [Read More]

Howto Setup and Run Xen

This is an extremly brief and quick Xen tutorial. There are lots of them already, see your GNU/Linux distribution’s wiki, HowtoForge or other places for a starter guide. This particular HowTo deals with setting up Xen as easy as possible using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS as host operating system (dom0 in Xen terms) and Ubuntu 9.04 as guest operating systems (domU in Xen lingo). Ubuntu 8.04 LTS comes with a Xen kernel that can run as dom0. [Read More]