Minix editline v1.14.0

It is with great pleasure I announce the next release of the editline library by Simmule Turner and Rich Salz! This is a popular library, it exists in several forked versions. This release marks the end of a huge effort where archaeological methods have been applied to recover fixes and improvements developed independently over several decades by the following projects: Heimdal, Festival speech-tools, Debian, as well as patches by Mr. Steve Tell. [Read More]

Minix editline moves to GIT

A small heads-up, I’ve migrated the Minix editline project from Bazaar to GIT. The new URL for keeping tabs on your favourite free readline() clone is: I’m currently working on fixing up the tree and doing some house cleaning — including making more stuff configurable — before releasing a 1.14.0 later on. One such item is the integration of libtool with our autoconf friends. This should make it lot more portable (again) and also help smooth a merge with other sources for this library. [Read More]

Minix editline v0.1.0

I’ve been looking long and hard for a small and useful GNU readline replacement. Oddly enough, all the time I was looking for one I never even once considered looking at the Minix sources! Currently I’m using the NetBSD editline derivative (readline compatible) from Jess Thrysoee, but it requires ncurses, which is huge! All I really wanted was a bare bones readline() suitable for small embedded systems. One which could record history and preferably, but not required to, support completion. [Read More]