Testing multicast with Docker

Recently issue #70 was reported to pimd. That number of issues reported is cool in itself, but this was a question about Docker and pimd.

Up until that point I had only read about this new fad, and played around with it a bit at work for use as a stable build environment for cross-compiling. I had no idea people would want to use a Docker container as a multicast sink. Basically I was baffled.

The reporter used a Java based tool but simply couldn’t get things to work properly with pimd running on the host:

 MC sender ---> [ Server host ]    <--- router running pimd
              /     docker0     \   <--- bridge    ______
             /         |         \                |      |   <--- MC receiver
  __________/          |          \_______________|______|_____
 \                     |                            /         /
  \                     `------------------>-------'         /
      Container ship
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